Welcome to Woodland Park Nature Preserve

Top 10 GREAT ways to enjoy Woodland Park!

  1   Birdwatch

  2   Explore

  3   Exercise

  4   Bring your friends and family

  5   Walk with your leashed dog

  6   Find turtles in the ponds

  7   Be creative! Paint or sketch nature

  8   Identify animal tracks in the snow

  9   Get Fresh Air

 10  It's free

 The brook in spring

Baby Turtles emerging

 White Trail

 Frog at Old Maid's Pond

Turtles have been spotted near the ponds as they find places to lay their eggs.

Springtime flowers emerge


View of Old Maids Pond

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH DURING YOUR VISIT IN WOODLAND PARK. TICKETS ARE GIVEN OUT BY POLICE AND DOG WARDEN. Dogs must be on leash at all times to protect wildlife and to keep them running onto bordering private properties. Please abide by the law. 

Under Darien Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations,Sec.42-R29  

b)Dogs in Parks.

Except in a dog-area approved by this Commission, a portion of Cherry Lawn Park designated for unleashed dogs as provided in subsection (1), (2), and (3).No owner or keeper shall bring any dog into any park unless the dog is on a leash or lead that is no more than 25 feet and under the control of its owner or keeper at all times. No owner or keeper shall bring any dog into any playground area n any park.

(1)Cherry Lawn Park-Dogs are not permitted in playground areas, community gardens, or playfields at any time. Dogs are permitted off leash or lead from September 1 to May 31 from dawn to 10:30 am MondayFriday, dawn to 8:30 am Saturdays and Sundays. Dogs are permitted off leash or lead in the Designated Area between the Darien Nature Center and Brookside Road at all times. Dogs must be on leash or lead to and from the parking lot to the Designated Area. Dogs are permitted off leash or lead from June 1 to August 31 dawn to 8:30 am Monday-Sunday.

(2) Stony Brook Park and Diller Park: Dogs or other domestic animals are permitted off leash or lead at all times.

3) Tilley Pond Park: Dogs are permitted off leash or lead Monday–Friday from dawn to 10:30 am except during special events approved by the Commission.

4) Sellecks Woods Nature Preserve, Woodland Park Nature Preserve, Holahan Field, Town Hall Fields, Baker Park and McGuane Park: Dogs must be on leash or lead at all times

A new Display Board! Here you will find some new interesting facts about the park, what to look for, a map, brief history and also gardening tips from the Garden Club of Darien.

Woodland Park Nature Preserve is a public nature park in Darien, CT which offers a unique environment and habitat for wildlife.

Darien is fortunate to have a place for its community to appreciate and explore the natural wonders within 64.7 acres of land.  The attractions of the park consist of multiple trail systems, two ponds, a stream, a footbridge, an archaic stonewall, and ornamental plantings. Many bird species, turtles, amphibians, ducks, rabbits, other mammals and insects live within the Park waiting to be spotted by visitors.

Since 1979, the "Friends of Woodland Park" have played an integral part in preserving, protecting the Park, promoting and educating the public concerning the attributes of the park, as well as raising and expending monies to carry out these goals.

The "Friends" wish to encourage the public to come explore, learn about and appreciate this valuable natural asset while enjoying the Park's unspoiled natural beauty.

Take a moment to browse our website's interesting facts, and view the amazing pictures taken by visitors. Discover the trail map, points of interest, pictures of the natural beauty of the park as well as learn about its history and the Friends of Woodland Park Nature Preserve.